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I may have mentioned once or twice that morning coffee at our house is sacred. For us, a 50-50 combo of my herbal coffee blend plus a quality dark roast organic coffee is where it’s at.

We are, admittedly, coffee snobs of the highest degree, but when we travel, hotel coffee is almost always a bit disappointing. So what to do when coffee at home isn’t practical or possible?

The solution is to bring your coffee routine on the road with you! These awesome little coffee sachets require a little pre-planning, but couldn’t be easier to throw together.

They’re so simple, in fact, I’m not even going to put it in a recipe card. 

Just get yourself some XL compostable disposable tea bags like these, and fill each sachet with a rounded teaspoon (about 1-1/2 tsp) of your favorite herbal coffee blend, plus an equal amount of a high-quality organic instant (freeze dried) coffee

Adjust the recipe up or down according to your preferences. Add an extra pinch of cinnamon or a cardamom pod if you like.

Carefully pull the drawstring closed and tie it off. Store in an airtight jar or baggie until needed.

Voila: No more subpar highway hotel coffee! 

I like to throw several sachets in a pint-sized ziplock baggie and pack it along with our luggage. I also try to keep a couple in my purse for a quick fix for otherwise decent but weaker-than-we-like restaurant coffee. A little hot water and the sacred ritual that is our “morning coffee” is preserved. 

A couple of very happy coffee snobs. Ahhhhh 


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