Materia Medica

Materia Medica

Materia Medica is a Latin term for the body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of any substance used for healing – in this case herbs.

This list is a living document that I will update regularly. ♥

Angelica Monograph

Black Pepper Monograph

Calendula Monograph
Cardamom Monograph
Cayenne Monograph
Chamomile Monograph
Cinchona Monograph
Cinnamon Monograph
Clove Monograph
Comfrey Monograph
Copaiba Monograph
Cottonwood Monograph

Dandelion Monograph
Dill Monograph

Eucalyptus Monograph

Frankincense Monograph

Garlic Monograph
Gentian Monograph
Ginger Monograph
Gotu Kola Monograph

Horsetail Monograph

Irish Moss Monograph

Lavender Monograph
Lemongrass Monograph
Lovage Monograph

Marshmallow Monograph

Nettle Monograph

Peppermint Monograph
Pine Monograph
Plantain Monograph

Reishi Monograph

Sea Buckthorn Monograph
Self Heal Monograph
Spilanthes Monograph
St. John’s Wort Monograph
Sweet Woodruff Monograph

Thyme Monograph

Willow Monograph

Yarrow Monograph

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Copyright © 2023 Redheaded Herbalist. All rights reserved.