Smoke & Mirrors

A Smoke & Mirrors is a spicy, savory cocktail that Bloody Mary fans are sure to appreciate. At Mr. RH’s urging I tried to reverse engineer the recipe and, based off of the menu’s description, I think I came up with a passable copycat. It’s been a big hit at dinner parties! ♥

Topo Chico Inspired Mineral Water for Home Carbonators

There are plenty of other mineral waters out there, but for my money, there are none quite like Topo Chico. For those of us living outside of their distribution area, (or those of you who just love a good DIY project) you can mix your own Topo Chico-inspired mineral blend that will make hundreds of bottles… for about $25 in ingredients.

Cachaça de jambú

Another way spilanthes are used commercially is in a trendy Brazilian beverage called cachaça de jambú. Cachaça is a spirit made from fermented raw sugarcane and is one of Brazil’s most popular alcoholic beverages. Known as Brazilian rum, the raw sugarcane gives it a lighter, more herbal-y flavor than rum, which is made from cooked sugarcane (also known as molasses).

Herbal Titos & Tonic Mixer with Cinchona Bark

jump to the recipes Everything old is new again, and cocktails are no exception. Gin & Tonic was originally created as a more palatable way for 19th-century British soldiers to take their medicinal quinine — a bitter tasting antimalarial extract from the bark of the cinchona tree (Cinchona officinalis). Turns out, it tasted pretty darn good! […]

Jalapeño-Thyme Infused Tequila​ + a Cocktail Recipe

jump to the recipe Alcohol tincturing for therapeutic purposes is a basic and useful skill in herbalism. But beyond the herbal medicine cabinet, there’s another whole wide world of fun alcohol infusions out there. Neutral grain spirits aren’t the only way to go, and infusing herbs into your favorite liquor can seriously elevate your cocktail game! […]

Cardamom Bitters

Sometimes a picture really is worth 1,000 words. I won’t bore you with a long narrative of how this recipe came together. Instead take a look at this beauty ♥

Why You Need Some Grapefruit Bitters in Your Life

Until recently, I’d only thought of bitters as an essential ingredient in a good martini. However, ever since my husband began having issues with his digestion, my research into natural digestive aids has given me a new perspective on the old cocktail staple.

Tincture Dilution Calculator

Calculate the volumes of any two alcohol proofs to create a tincture of a particular strength.

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