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Gentle Yucca Root Shaving Gel

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Phase A:

200 g distilled water

a pinch of hibiscus flowers (optional for color)

2yucca root

Phase B:

20 g raw honey

1 g panthenol (optional)

0.2 g aloe 200x powder

3 g xanthan gum

1 g acacia gum

1 g sclerotium gum

Phase C:

10 g glycerin

25 drops essential oil of choice

2.4 g Geogard ECT at 1% (or preservative of choice at the recommended usage rate)


  1. In a small sauce pan, bring distilled water to a simmer. Add yucca root and hibiscus (if using), and steep for 10-15 minutes. Strain the infusion into a glass jar or measuring cup and discard or compost the roots. Make sure there is no remaining plant matter in your infusion. If you’re like me, and prefer only a light tint, don’t steep the hibiscus for too long unless you like your shave gel a vibrant Pepto Bismol pink.
  2. At this point, you will have about 25%-40% less liquid than you started with, thanks to evaporation. Top up the distilled water until you have 200 g again.
  3. Once the yucca root decoction has cooled, add the honey, panthenol, aloe, xanthan, sclerotium and acacia gums. Blend will with a whisk or immersion blender until mixture is smooth and homogenized.
  4. Add glycerin, essential oils (I used peppermint) and preservative. Blend once more until your gel is completely smooth and well combined. The gel will continue to thicken for a couple of hours before it reaches its final consistency. ♥


I recommend glass containers for storing homemade lotions and potions. Glass doesn’t leach chemicals and it’s easier to clean/sterilize after the product is used up and you’re ready to refill.

If you do choose to use a plastic container, be aware that essential oils tend to react with plastic, so even if you can get it “clean,” your container will likely not be reusable.

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