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Mineral Enriched Tallow Deodorant



50 g tallow

2.5 g cera bellina or beeswax

3.5 g cetyl alcohol

5 g non-nano zinc oxide

5 g diatomaceous earth

3.5 g magnesium hydroxide

10 drops peppermint essential oil


  1. Using a scale that displays up to two decimal places, weigh the tallow, cera bellina wax and cetyl alcohol into a glass jar or borosilicate lab beaker.
  2. Heat over a double boiler (or other gentle heat source) until the oils and waxes are completely melted and liquid.
  3. Add remaining ingredients in the order listed, and stir until combined and smooth.
  4. Pour into your 2-ounce glass jar or deodorant tube. If using a twist tube, you can prevent a “sinkhole” from forming by filling the tube about 4/5s full, and allowing it to set for 20-30 seconds before topping up. You may need to return your mixture to your heat source while you wait, so it doesn’t solidify too much to pour.
  5. Allow to cool before capping. You don’t want condensation introducing water into your formula. ♥


I recommend glass containers for storing homemade lotions and potions. Glass doesn’t leach chemicals and it’s easier to clean/sterilize after the product is used up and you’re ready to refill.

If you do choose to use a plastic container, be aware that essential oils tend to react with plastic, so even if you can get it “clean,” your container will likely not be reusable.

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