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Nourishing Winter Barrier No-Petroleum Jelly

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40 g tallow

6 g cera bellina wax pastilles

29.5 g jojoba oil

13.5 g squalane

30 drops eucalyptus essential oil (optional)


  1. Using double boiler (or other gentle heat source), heat tallow and cera bellina wax until liquified. You should not see any traces of wax pastilles in the oil.
  2. Remove double boiler from heat and add jojoba, squalane and essential oil (if using), and stir to combine.
  3. Pour the mixture into small tubs or a 4-oz mason jar.
  4. Allow to cool completely and set before capping to prevent condensation on the surface of the balm. If the room is warm, cool in the refrigerator to prevent crystallization.
  5. You’re done! Use liberally on dry, rough skin. Even better, try using some of our marshmallow root soothing repair gel first, then seal in the moisture with this barrier balm! ♥


If you live in a very warm climate, you may wish to increase the wax slightly to create a firmer balm.

If you’d rather make a solid ointment STICK, you can easily adapt this recipe using old deodorant or chapstick tubes! Follow the recipe above, but increase the cera bellina wax to 2 tablespoons. Pour into two empty and sanitized 2-oz deodorant tubes (or halve the recipe to make four 15 mL chapstick tubes).

If you do not have cera bellina wax, you can substitute beeswax, but the final texture of the product will be different — less ointment-y and gel-like.

I recommend glass containers for storing homemade lotions and potions. Glass doesn’t leach chemicals and it’s easier to clean/sterilize after the product is used up and you’re ready to refill.

If you do choose to use a plastic container, be aware that essential oils tend to react with plastic, so even if you can get it “clean,” your container will likely not be reusable.

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