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Healthy-aging Serum with Calendula

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Phase A:

147 g distilled water or hydrosol

1calendula flowers

7 g sunflower lecithin powder

1 g hyaluronic acid powder (medium-high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate)

Phase B:

24 g tallow (optional: calendula infused)

12 g jojoba oil

6 g squalane

Phase C:

2 g Geogard ECT at 1% (or preservative of choice at the recommended usage rate)

6 drops frankincense essential oil

12 drops lavender essential oil


  1. Add calendula to a glass Pyrex-type bowl or beaker. Pour hot distilled water, just off the boil over the flowers as though you were making tea; allow infusion to steep for 5-10 minutes
  2. Strain out all plant matter and discard.
  3. Weigh your strained water/calendula infusion; top up with distilled water until you have 147 grams again.
  4. Sprinkle lecithin granules into the cooled water; cover and set aside. The lecithin needs to hydrate in the water for about 45 minutes before it will be ready to blend with your oils.
  5. After your lecithin has had a chance to fully hydrate, sprinkle hyaluronic acid powder onto the surface of the water; using an immersion blender, blend briefly to better distribute the lecithin.
  6. Using a gentle heat source, heat tallow, jojoba and squalane oils until liquified.
  7. While running the immersion blender, slowly drizzle the phase B oils into the water phase, and continue mixing until well emulsified and smooth.
  8. Add your (phase C) preservative and essential oil(s), and blend once more until fully incorporated.
  9. Carefully transfer to an airtight pump bottle or glass treatment bottle. The serum will continue to thicken slightly for a couple of hours before it reaches its final consistency.
  10. You’re done! Go smear some on your face and let me know what you think. ♥


Makes approx. 4 oz of face serum.

I recommend glass containers for storing homemade lotions and potions. Glass doesn’t leach chemicals and it’s easier to clean/sterilize after the product is used up and you’re ready to refill.

If you do choose to use a plastic container, be aware that essential oils tend to react with plastic, so even if you can get it “clean,” your container will likely not be reusable.

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