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Basic Herb-Infused Honey

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fresh herbs to loosely fill a pint sized mason jar or, if using dried herbs, to about the halfway point

raw, unfiltered honey (preferably local)


  1. Wash your fresh herbs and spread them out on paper towels or a wire cooling rack. Allow to dry and wilt overnight to eliminate excess moisture that can lead to mold growth.
  2. Add herbs to a clean mason jar and cover with honey until jar is full and the leaves are fully submerged. If honey is too solid to pour, gently heat it by placing it in a warm water bath. Take care not to heat the honey beyond about 110F, or you risk destroying its beneficial enzymes.
  3. Secure the jar’s lid, and place in a sunny windowsill.
  4. Flip the jar onto its lid once a day or so. This ensures that the mint is staying submerged under the honey. You do not want the mint exposed to any oxygen or you risk contamination and bacteria growth.
  5. Infuse for 2-4 weeks, allowing plenty of time for the herb’s medicinal properties and flavor to extract into the honey.
  6. Strain out the herbs using a fine mesh strainer, making sure there is no remaining plant matter in your infusion. Gentle heat (again, keep it below 110F) will help thin the honey sufficiently to strain easily. ♥

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