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Clean Cranberry Sauce



8 oz cranberries, fresh or frozen

1/8 tsp sea salt

1/4 c raw, unfiltered, local-to-you honey (or ~3 oz by weight)


  1. Because we don’t want the water necessary to operate the Instant Pot actually IN the cranberry sauce, we’re going to use the pot-in-pot method. In a heat-proof glass or ceramic bowl that fits inside the liner of your Instant Pot, combine cranberries and salt.
  2. Add a trivet and 1 c water to Instant Pot liner and set the bowl of cranberries on the trivet.
  3. Cook under high pressure for 1 minute, followed by a natural pressure release (NPR) for about 10 minutes to allow any foaming to subside.
  4. Remove bowl of cranberries from the Instant Pot and allow it to cool somewhat before adding your raw honey. I find it easier to weigh my honey directly into the bowl rather than messing with scraping the sticky stuff out of a measuring cup. Simply place your bowl of cranberries on a scale and drizzle in 3 ounces of honey by weight. No muss no fuss!
  5. Using a potato masher (or the flat bottom of a mason jar), crush the cranberries and honey mixture. Keep mashing until most of the cranberries have burst open and released their pectin.
  6. Cover and transfer to the refrigerator to allow the pectin time to gel.


So simple, I actually feel kinda funny calling this a “recipe”

Lighten your load the day of by making cranberry sauce a day or two in advance!

Variation idea:  Swap out the 1/4 cup  of honey for 3 T maple syrup + 1 T orange juice concentrate (not for GAPS)

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